Mountain Peoples Wine is a full-service wine distributor that covers the entire state of California. We seek to change the way people think about organic wine and offer the most complete line of organic wines available. We believe in working with small family wineries, importers, and farmers who are committed to producing the highest quality organic wine while caring for the planet and the palate.



Founded by Michael Funk, one of the pioneers of the organic food movement, Mountain Peoples Wine Distributing has long been committed to changing the way people think about organic wine—and by extension, the environment. We believe in working with small family wineries and farmers who share our vision of sustainable farming practices. We believe in supporting local programs that promote environmental and social awareness. We believe in providing high-quality organic and Biodynamic wines with an emphasis on regional wineries to further reduce our overall footprint on the environment. Mountain Peoples Wine Distributing is in the business of engaged ecology: restoring our relationship with the planet by creating a culture of social and environmental responsibility.


Ultimately our mission is simple. We aim to impart the pleasure of a refined glass of wine made by the farmers and families working the land with respect and certified organic and Biodynamic practices to all who enjoy seriously good wine.


We are celebrating our 25th year in business! We hope that you will celebrate with us by enjoying a glass of organic or biodynamic wine today and every day!



"As a category, grapes have more types of pesticides than any other produce, with 64 different pesticides.” - Environmental Working Group’s 2012 ‘Dirty Dozen’ Report

It has been estimated that conventional wine grapes are the most heavily sprayed crops. Conventional wineries grow grapes utilizing a cycle of chemical additives as well as the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. These chemicals create a harmful cycle of depletion on the environment causing problems like soil erosion, ecosystem disturbances and water contamination. Powerful herbicides and chemical fertilizers kill off soil microbes and bacteria, crucial elements for healthy vineyards. These chemicals deplete the soil of nutrients, seep into ground water, pollute the air, and damage the grape vines. Rain carries pesticides and fertilizers, along with topsoil, into creeks and rivers, poisoning fish and wildlife as well as local water supplies. As the cycle continues, plants become less resistant to disease and produce lower-quality fruit.


Recently, advances have been made in the advocacy and recognition of more environmentally-responsible and ecologically-sound farming practices in the grape-growing and wine industry.



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