"Organic wines represent the most authentic origin.

It is a great challenge for us to continue the natural way of production in the cellar as well – winemaking and winegrowing has to be one unit!

— Winemakers Angela and Werner Michlits


Pamhagen, Austria


Niederösterreich & Burgenland

Biokult, a family-owned and operated winery located in Pamhagen in the Niederösterreich region of Austria, produces fine Austrian Biodynamic wines. Biokult wines embody typical Austrian wine style: pronounced fruit paired with refreshing, harmonious acidity. This is enhanced by maturation in stainless steel and large neutral wooden casks. Current knowledge and modern methods are a necessity. Technology is used only to protect the wine, not to alter it, thus playing only a passive role in making organic wine. 


Angela Michlits is the primary winemaker. Growing up, Angela’s parents had always possessed a passion for wines. While there was no family wine estate or winery connection, she always shared their passion. She understands the use of traditional wine growing and winemaking techniques and has developed them in modern ways. Her and her husband’s search for establishing the best conditions and thus letting nature do its best work for the wines without excessive human intervention is very innovative and contemporary. The family has become a world-renowned producer of high quality organic wines from vines grown with care using Biodynamic principles, and their products and production methods are revolutionary for the region. Biokult produces outstanding single varietals and unique blends from classic Austrian grape varietals including: Grüner VeltlinerZweigelt and Pinot Noir


Angela and Werner Michlits' goal is producing organic wines of the highest quality – wines that embody regional identity and bring pure, natural enjoyment in the glass.


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