La Cantina Pizzolato

"Here the vine is in its habitat, with wild herbs growing around it, dragonflies, ladybirds and other insects. In this clean and bucolic landscape, the vine grows and produces balanced fruits expressing its soil. The roots of our vineyards sink in the hot ground, a loam enriched with minerals, full of stone dragged over time by the Piave river. From our vineyards you can see the mountains that gave rise to them, the wonderful Dolomites."


Veneto, Italy


Chianti DOCG, Malanotte DOCG, Piave DOC, Prosecco DOC, Valdobbiadene di Prosecco DOCG, Venezia DOC

Located in the rich and flourishing countryside north of Treviso, the Pizzolato family has been working in the agricultural sector for more than five generations, consistently living in harmony with nature and the environment. The family’s farming history and tradition, combined with a deep commitment to organic wine production and consideration of the natural world, creates Italian organic wines of the highest quality.

These are the strong roots of the Pizzolato family, upon which an entire philosophy was built. The path began in 1981, when Settimo Pizzolato joined the company alongside his father Gino. He progressively undertook production of Italian organic wines, among the first wine producers in Italy to do so. Thanks to his desire to maintain the balance of the countryside ecosystem and a commitment to fine organic wine production, in 1991 Settimo was able to obtain the official USDA organic certification. The resulting organic wines have a true taste of place, embodying the terroir on which they were born and a sense of the family’s commitment to live and farm in harmony with nature.

Over time, Cantina Pizzolato has infused sustainability into every aspect of the production process: the use of green energy, half of which is self-produced thanks to a photovoltaic system on the roof of the winery; the reduction of waste through innovative and energy-efficient machinery; the automatic on-off switches for the light systems; the localized thermostats; and the phyto-purification and reduction of water consumption in the vineyards through micro-irrigation. These are some of the many sustainable commitments that La Cantina Pizzolato has made within their ecosystem, showing how through some small gestures and cutting-edge systems it is possible to limit the energetic impact of the winery. True expressions of a promise to respect the local environment and society.