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"Grounded in the terroir, I wish to create tasty and expressive wines. Season after season I tend the vines patiently and painstakingly, keeping close watch over soil and sky. I exclude the use of artificial chemical products. Each vintage of Côte Chalonnaise is a new challenge. Less is more: we cherish simplicity, and chose to go back to basics: peaceful, strong and free. Doing the best job possible in the vineyard and the cellar. Happy to go to work each day." — Olivier & Sandrine Dovergene


Burgundy, France


Côte Chalonnaise, Givry, Mercurey, Crémant de Bourgogne

Taking over the vineyards and winery of Guy Chaumont, Olivier and Sandrine Dovergne remain committed to wines of terroir and honoring the legacy of the organic vineyards they now tend. Each wine is vinified separately from small plots of terroir throughout the Côte Chalonnaise. Low intervention is the main style with native yeasts and very low sulfur additions. They have also begun to add Biodynamic practices into the estate.

From the Domaine de la Luolle website: "We are sincere organic producers and our daily winemaking work, skills and intentions all seek to express the terroir (all that is unique about our vineyards). With organic certification, we intend to preserve the soil and its biodiversity. This excludes the use of artificial chemical products. It gives a more precise and personal touch to our wines. We also use Biodynamic principles. This is more than just organic: interacting with the ecosystem and the lunar calendar, it’s a way of life and a state of mind for observing, investigating and glorifying the wine and its origins. Through our wines, you will taste the cycle of the seasons, the preservation and renewal of the Vine stock, through quality and know-how employed in working, planting, pruning and winemaking. Share the fruits of our art!"