Mark Lyon, founder and winemaker

Mark Lyon, founder and winemaker


Eco Terreno

"With focused care and a joy of farming, Eco Terreno Wines represent the intrinsic flavors of Alexander Valley and the benefits of our Biodynamic estate grown grapes. We value our team, the environment, and the experiences that guide us. Eco Terreno Wines is committed to conscientiously make exceptional wines that connect people to the land, each other, and the celebration that follows."


Cloverdale, CA


Alexander Valley AVA

Owner Mark Lyon has been overseeing his 133-acre vineyard in Alexander Valley, Sonoma County, since the 1970s. He launched Eco Terreno Wines in 2012, naming the brand in tribute to his passion for the land. Eco Terreno means “of the land” in Italian, and “Land Ecology” in Spanish, and is the largest Biodynamically farmed contiguous vineyard in Alexander Valley. Their award-winning wines are made with 100% estate grown grapes which reflect their unique terroir.

During the day, the Alexander Valley is one of the warmest areas in Sonoma County, however, at night it experiences a wide diurnal temperature shift which cools off the vineyards. The region’s close proximity to the Russian River serves as a source for early morning fog that covers the farm until burned off by the late morning sun. The soil composition of the Alexander Valley is vast and diverse, and translates directly into the complex layers of the grapes.

Eco Terreno Wines successfully transitioned to a Demeter USA certification in 2017. Their commitment to building biodiversity into the landscape employs extensive practices that are necessary to becoming a strong regenerative grower of grapes. "As we explore the benefits of cover crops, bee gardens, husbandry, and develop a strong understanding of water usage, we become more respectful and informed stewards of our resources. Through this understanding, we support the native habitats and biodiversity in our vineyards which produce grapes and wine that reflect the full expression of our terroir."