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In 1990, founders Andrew and Jenny Greenhough left urban life to Auckland to take over a roughly established vineyard in a rural pocket of Nelson, New Zealand, encouragingly named “Hope”.


“These were exciting times, challenging, hard work and full of promise. Nelson’s small group of established winemakers welcomed us city rookies, but even with their guidance, we had to make our own mistakes."


Hope, New Zealand


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Though they were new to viticulture, they learned through experience, eventually ripping out the old growth, and beginning anew. Their Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc began to garner attention within their first decade. In 2008, they made the conversion to organics. “Hope is now home, and we want to protect the land that has tested, inspired, and rewarded us,” say the Greenhoughs.

Hope’s cool, maritime climate is ideally suited to viticulture. Protected by mountain ranges from the south, east, and west, and a mild sea breeze from Tasman Bay to the north, Hope is sheltered from harsh elements. The vineyard rests on an elevated terrace of the Waimea Plains, known as “river garden” to the Maori for its verdant growth and steady currents. Their winemaking is rooted in quality fruit, and they use only native yeast, specific to their terroir, to initiate fermentation.

Greenhough takes a hands on approach to grape growing and individual small batch winemaking, with minimal interference. They believe in following creative instincts and allow flexibility for the style and character of the winemaker, “Something of ourselves comes through in every vintage.” Each batch has an autobiography, from the sea that shaped the land to the hand that picked the grapes.