3 Reasons Organic Wine Is Better

We can all agree that times are tough right now, and consumers are looking for opportunities to make choices they can feel good about. By choosing organic wine, you are helping to take care of our environment while also making a better choice for your health. Here are just 3 of the many reasons to choose organic wine. 

1. Better for You

Keeler "Heart" Pinot Noir label

The Environmental Working Group ranks grapes No. 6 on the dirty dozen list (out of 47 items analyzed) due to the high level of pesticide residue found on conventionally farmed grapes. Organic wines are made without the use of harmful chemicals and additives, meaning no toxic pesticides or fertilizers will be found on the organic grapes or in your bottle of organic wine. While that's good news for your body, it's also good news for the farmers who won't be exposed to harmful chemicals while growing the grapes.

2. Better for the Planet

Domaine de la Luolle

The chemical additives, pesticides, and synthetic fertilizers used in conventional wines create a harmful cycle of depletion on the environment causing problems like soil erosion, ecosystem disturbances, and water contamination. Powerful herbicides and chemical fertilizers kill off soil microbes and bacteria, crucial elements for healthy vineyards. These chemicals deplete the soil of nutrients, seep into ground water, pollute the air, and damage the grape vines. Rain carries pesticides and fertilizers, along with topsoil, into creeks and rivers, poisoning fish and wildlife as well as local water supplies. As the cycle continues, plants become less resistant to disease and produce lower quality fruit, bringing us to reason number 3...

3. Better for the Palate

Albet i Noya

With no chemical additives and fewer sulfites than conventional wine, it makes sense that the character of the grapes and the terroir can shine through more clearly in organic wine. Don't take it from us though. A 2016 study published by the Journal of Wine Economics found that organic wines scored higher than similar non-organic wines. Wine-Searcher writes: "The study shows that ratings in three major publications – Wine Advocate, Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast – are four points higher on average for eco-certified wines compared to control group wines from the same regions and same vintages," which is statistically quite significant.

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