New Organic German Rieslings

Introducing BattenfeldSpanier - Over 25 years of authentic Rheinhessen wines

Located in Hohen-Sülzen in the southernmost Wonnegau region of Rheinhessen, BattenfeldSpanier was founded by H.O. Spanier in 1993. Run by husband and wife team Oliver (H.O.) and Carolin, the winery has been dedicated to organic principles from the start and in 2003, they expanded their organic approach to include Biodynamic practices. Restoring and encouraging microbial life in the soil is their most important goal, as they believe soil is at the very core of their effort to convey the taste of what came long before and that which lies ahead. The best sites rest upon massive underground banks of limestone, which deliver vibrancy and edginess to the wines. In the past 10 years, they’ve reached the peak of German winemaking ranks, crowned with the title “Winemaker of the Year” by Vinum Wineguide in 2018.

Few German vintners are as uncompromising in their production methods, and the resulting wines reflect distinct variations in the vineyards, the soil, and the microclimates.

Grüner Sylvaner - VDP Gutswein - 2018

Sylvaner has a long tradition in the Wonnegau. Whereas the Riesling has fine fruit aromas, the Sylvaner has really nice floral notes. In the nose you find fresh grass, hay and hints of thyme. On the palate, the wine is lean & the acidity is balanced.

Riesling Trocken - VDP Gutswein - 2018

Aromas of ripe stone fruit accompanied by fine herbal notes. On the palate, yellow plum and a wonderful juiciness. The mouthfeel is refreshing with a long finish.

Hohen-Sülzen Riesling - VDP Orstwein - 2017

Aromas of ripe peaches & apricots. On the palate, the fruit aromas are combined with earthy notes: tobacco, herbs, licorice. This perfect match of fruit & stone is characteristic for Hohen-Sülzen: cool soil & warm fruit.

Mölsheim Riesling - VDP Orstwein - 2017

The vines of the Mölsheim Riesling are rooted in the bare limestone, covered only by a thin gravel layer. This stoniness is perfectly expressed in the minerality of the Riesling: subdued fruit and delicate notes of flint and northern herbs. Tremendously elegant.

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