November is World Vegan Month

Celebrate World Vegan Month with Vegan Wine!

November is World Vegan Month, and we encourage you and your customers to celebrate with a glass of vegan wine! Stock up with our wide selection of vegan wines that are made without common fining agents like casein (milk protein), gelatin, egg whites, or isinglass (derived from fish). Check out some of our producers who are committed to vegan wine below, and consider building a display to show your support.

Domestic Picks for World Vegan Month

Girasole Vineyards - All wines are made with 100% estate grown grapes from 200+ acres of certified organic vines planted in the 1950s by owner Charlie Barra. If any Girasole wines need to be fined (which not every vintage/varietal does), they do not use any animal products in the process. Instead, they use a bentonite clay or diatomaceous earth to fine the wines.

Our pick for World Vegan Month: Girasole Pinot Noir - Mendocino AVA - 2016

Eco Terreno - Eco Terreno is committed to a holistic winegrowing approach: nurturing the soil, respecting the native ecosystems on the property, and constantly working to reduce their carbon footprint. This commitment doesn't end in the vineyard - all of Eco Terreno are vegan friendly, made without any animal products.

Our pick for World Vegan Month: Eco Terreno Three Vine Red (Merlot/Cabernet Franc/Petit Verdot) - Alexander Valley AVA - 2013

Import Picks for World Vegan Month

Perlage Winery - One of the few wineries to take the extra step of seeking vegan certification for their wines, Perlage has earned the trademark “A.V.I. Label Veg,” released exclusively by A.V.I. (Italian Vegetarian Association). It guarantees the total absence of animal origin ingredients (no meat, no fish, no milk, no eggs, and no honey) in the product and in the packaging.

Our pick for World Vegan Month: Perlage "Sga'jo" Prosecco Glera Spumante Extra Dry - Prosecco DOC - 2016

Greenhough - Located in the Nelson GI of New Zealand, just a 2-hour drive from Marlborough, Greenhough creates place-driven wines with minimal intervention. Committed to organic agriculture, they also ensure that their wines are completely suitable for vegans.

Our pick for World Vegan Month: Greenhough Sauvignon Blanc - Nelson GI - 2017

Most wines in the MPW portfolio are vegan - look for the "V" in our catalog, or contact your sales representative to explore more options. Want to know more about what makes wine vegan? Check out the video below for an excellent breakdown.

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