Staff Picks: Rosés for Spring!

Spring is (finally) in the air! As the days get longer and warmer, everyone is reaching for rosé. We have so many options that there's surely something for everyone, but if you're looking for inspiration, the MPW office team has put together some ideas.

Amanda Simpson, Inside Sales: This was my first time trying a “Cerosuolo d’Abruzzo” and I have to say I’m mightily impressed! The wine pours electric pink in the glass and has a lovely aroma of ripe raspberry and cherry, which by the way, “cerosuolo” translates to “cherry” in Italian. The same raspberry and cherry notes are present in the mouth, along with a touch of almond and a vibrant acidity. This is a playful and full-flavored rosé that would be a fun wine to take to a dinner party, as it’s likely most people will have never had a Cerosuolo d’Abruzzo Rosé before. Bonus: it’s certified Biodynamic and is vegan-friendly.

Ani Kington, Marketing Specialist: As the weather finally warms up, I'll be enjoying the new 2018 vintage of Les Hauts de Lagarde Rosé from Maison Raymond. After skipping a vintage due to flooding in Bordeaux, I was excited to get this wine back in stock and try it again, and it's even better than I remember it. With intense aromas of red fruit, flowers, and subtle spices, this is a lovely, well-structured rosé that tends to add a touch of elegance to whatever you choose to pair it with. I'm looking forward to a glass alongside grilled shrimp at the next BBQ I attend (well, where's my invite?)

Laura Fung, President: Cantina Pizzolato Paloma Rosé Secco

My go-to selection for wine, whether it be for a birthday gift, a holiday dinner party, or a kickback to my neighbor for letting me borrow his log splitter, is always Cantina Pizzolato Paloma Rosé Secco. This wine drinks well at any time of year, but when the sun starts shining and spring buds begin to break, nothing is better than a cold, crisp glass of Paloma. With its delicate bubbles, refreshing summer berry flavors and lively energy, it simply makes me happy when I pop a bottle. I remember the last time I shared a bottle was with cousins from Italy to whom I had never been introduced – We shared lasagna, lots of laughs and raised a glass together celebrating our newfound family connection and of course to our health. In short, when I drink Cantina Pizzolato Paloma, good things happen. You should try it too. Salud!

Michael Michel, CFO: I love the Biokult line up and believe Zweigelt Rosé is another fine wine from Angela and Werner Michilits. The rosé is dry with mild aromas of berries and some nice peppery and mineral notes. I look forward to enjoying it on its own as a cocktail, but with its excellent acidity, it's a versatile wine that could pair well with a variety of light spring meals.

La Marouette Grenache Rose

Mira Levy, Order Desk & Customer Service: With the sun (finally!) showing up after this long wet winter, I’m planning to spend as much time outside as possible in the coming months. The La Marouette Grenache Rosé will pair nicely with warm evenings and grilling in the backyard. With expressive aromas of strawberry and red currant, this crisp wine will be perfect as a sunset aperitif or alongside grilled meat or vegetables.

Phillip Anderson, VP of Sales: I’m a huge fan of Jose Ardinat "Oeil de Perdrix" Champagne. It’s an odd name, but a tremendous rosé Champagne. The name means “eye of the partridge” and in the Middle Ages, this referred to a particular color of wine that was supposedly the color of a partridge’s eye as it died. Weird enough, certainly. This wine gets its faint color from gently pressing Pinot Meunier. It shows layers of delicate red fruit. There are subtle perfume notes and a whiff of smoke and toast. It is Brut, so it finishes dry. I think this is an extraordinary example of a rosé Champagne. It is made with organic grapes and is suitable for vegans. It is unfined and unfiltered. In France, this is called a Récoltant-Manipulant Champagne. Here we might call it a “Grower Champagne,” or “Farmer Fizz.” That means that this is a small production Champagne where the grapes are grown and vinified by a single producer. Roughly 5% of Champagne for sale in the U.S. fits this category! If you are looking for a high quality, limited production rosé Champagne, you can’t go wrong here!

Vanessa Wich, Portfolio & Purchasing Manager: My pick is the Albet i Noya "Curiosa" Rosat from the Penedès region of Catalonia. This blend of Pinot Noir and Syrah is the perfect choice for a spring day on the beach. It is a beautiful color and is full of raspberry, strawberry, and cherry aromas. The palate is juicy and full-bodied. It pairs great with a salami spread and friends. This rosé will be my go-to for picnics and park parties all season long.

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