Thanksgiving Wine Picks from the MPW Team

As we gather together with family and friends this Thanksgiving, one way to give thanks to nature's bounty is by supporting a healthier planet and choosing organic food and wine. But with so many wonderful dishes and flavors coming together at Thanksgiving, it can be tricky to choose the right wines! Luckily, we've been brainstorming all month. Here's what the Mountain Peoples Wine team will be bringing to the table:

Amanda Simpson, Inside Sales: I hold a special place in my heart for Biodynamic wines as I worked on a Biodynamic farm years ago, so this Thanksgiving one of my selections is Beaver Creek “Fairytale” Cabernet Sauvignon. In addition to being Demeter certified, it is also a No Sulfite Added wine that will be a great option for some of my guests who prefer this style. As for me, I am drawn to the fact that the winemaker and owner, Martin Pohl, ferments this wine with amethyst crystals in the barrel – how cool is that?! Amethyst crystals are commonly used in mediation and aid in stress and relaxation, so whether you believe in the healing power of crystals or not, I’m happy to try anything that might give me a little extra stress relief this holiday season. For my second choice, well, what’s a holiday celebration without a little bubbly? As it happens, my nephew was born last year right around Thanksgiving, so in addition to toasting the holiday we’ll be celebrating little Heath’s first birthday in style with Perlage “Canah” Prosecco. Hailing from the prestigious region of Italy known as Valdobbiadene where the landscape is so steep that grapes can only be hand harvested, this “Made with Organic Grapes” wine is sure to be a crowd pleaser (for the adults only 😉). I hope everyone has a safe and joyous Thanksgiving, and to my accounts in the Chico area who have suffered so much loss, I wish you peace and comfort as you navigate the unimaginable destruction of recent days. My thoughts are with you all!

Ani Kington, Marketing Specialist: I’ll be staying local and feasting with friends this Thanksgiving. Our host is a sparkling wine fan, and I’m excited to introduce her to the “Petit Albet” from our new Catalonian producer, Albet I Noya. Refreshing with herbal and floral aromas, it will be a nice cocktail wine as people arrive, mingle, and snack. Its traditional Penedès blend of Xarel·lo, Macabeo, and Parellada, along with 15 months of aging, make it unique and complex. With our meal, I’ll be sharing Paxton’s “AAA” Shiraz Grenache. A beautiful Biodynamic Australian red with aromas of raspberries and tarragon and a silky, bright palate with juicy tannins, this wine is a crowd pleaser that will complement our Thanksgiving plates really nicely.

Laura Fung, President: I recently visited Girasole Vineyards and Frey Vineyards while on a quick harvest tour up in Mendocino County, and all of their wines, along with the folks that work these vineyards and wineries, always impress me. The warm and welcoming energy that drives the people at both wineries truly brings the spirit of the holidays to life. Their wines pair quite well with holiday feast-worthy food too. That is the reason I will be bringing Frey and Girasole wines, along with my vegan food options to the Thanksgiving table this year. What could possibly go better with vegan food than vegan wine? Amongst these mouth-watering pairings will be portobello Wellington with Girasole Pinot Noir, roasted head of cauliflower with a coconut curry sauce paired with Girasole Pinot Blanc, and a pumpkin and sage risotto with Frey Biodynamic Field Blend. Jealous?

Michael Michel, CFO: We are hosting a laid-back Thanksgiving open house this year to celebrate family and friends which is by far what I am most grateful for this year. We will begin the day with a Cremant de Bourgogne from Guy Chaumont Vineyards and pair this up with an assortment of baked goods and my home-made gravlax. We will move throughout the day with plenty of Pinot to go around which will pair with a variety of dishes, including but certainly not limited to crab imperial, seafood gumbo and a cajun shrimp boil. Amongst the selection for the Pinot party will be Guy Chaumont Pinot Noir from Burgundy, Jeriko Estate Upper Russian River Pinot Noir from Mendocino, Biokult Zweigelt/Pinot Noir from Austria and Greenhough Pinot Noir, our newest addition from New Zealand. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Mira Levy, Order Desk & Customer Service: I’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving with my family in Marin county. I’ll be bringing the Eco Terreno Cabernet from Alexander Valley to rep the North Bay, and the Chacewater Zinfandel to share a taste of my new home in the foothills. Both will pair nicely with the cheese plate I’ll be slaving over all day in the kitchen.

Phillip Anderson, VP of Sales: This year I’m going to have the Chateau de Plaisance Savennières & Copains Anjou Cabernet Franc with our Thanksgiving meal. Savennières is a dry Chenin Blanc, with a hint of honey to it that pairs exceptionally well with everything from turkey & dressing to pumpkin pie. The Copains Anjou will be great with dark meat & with savory sauces. Both wines have the acidity to pair well with food.

Vanessa Wich, Portfolio & Purchasing Manager: Living with a chef makes Thanksgiving very easy for me as long as I provide him with delicious organic wine while he cooks. We will be sipping on Koyle Sauvignon Blanc – aromatic, balanced & crisp (a great cocktail wine) while we prepare quince cheesecake, rolls & brine the turkey the night before. My parents & grandmother will be joining us for Thanksgiving this year. Grandma Lois loves to try new wines. We will be serving her the 2017 Edoardo Miroglio Bio Rosé which is a Bulgarian wine made from Bouquet & Mavrud – two native grapes. In addition to being a unique wine, it is a full-bodied rosé that will complement poultry, delicata squash rings & the caramelized walnuts in our stuffing.

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