Exclusively made from North Carolina-grown wheat and US-grown sugar cane. Every product USDA-certified Organic. 100% Fermented and distilled in Chapel Hill, NC.


Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Topo’s award-winning line of organic spirits are distilled in small batches on site at their Chapel Hill, North Carolina distillery, which was started after twenty years in micro brewing. Made with locally sourced ingredients (whenever possible), Topo specializes in products that are crafted from scratch using the finest equipment. Their efficiency has earned them the only Green Plus certification for a U.S. distillery.

TOPO began as one of North Carolina's first microbreweries in the mid-90s, and they believe their focus on fermentation is part of what makes their final products consistently high quality. In an interview with Wine and Craft Beverage News, TOPO founder Scott Maitland explained why a distillery was a natural next step. Since he believes in supporting local and neighboring businesses as a way to grow his local economy, he got on board with the idea of a distillery when he realized he could use ingredients almost entirely sourced within North Carolina. “We want to spend as many dollars in state as possible,” Maitland said. For almost every product, “We’re 100-miles, grain to glass,” Maitland said.

In January 2020, TOPO was recognized with a Good Food Award for their Reserve Straight Wheat Whiskey. The Good Food Awards aim to "shine a spotlight on the taste-making crafters at the vanguard of deliciousness and social and environmental excellence," and TOPO is the first North Carolina distillery to win. Their Straight Wheat Whiskey is pot distilled from a 100% soft red winter wheat mash bill. It is non-chill filtered and patiently aged in #3 char new American oak barrels. It is the only one of its kind
in the world. Notes of pancake batter and maple syrup, vanilla and toffee lead the way.


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